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Client Testimonials

I have been very lucky to have worked with so many wonderful clients. As a trainer you put your heart and soul into a clients training and more importantly, their transformation. The changes that take place goes beyond physical, the confidence they gain benefits them in all they do. Below are a few of the testimonials I have received.

Brett Veal Testimonial - Summer 2016 - Envy Fitness

Adam Crowe Testimonial - Summer 2016 - Envy Fitness

I had tried for a long time to look for exercise which would assist with me with toning and providing me with more energy. If someone had told me years ago about Kettle Bells, Squats!!! and most of all that you can enjoy exercise – my journey to Suzi would have been so much easier!!
August 2015 I had my first session with Suzi – I was nervous as the word Gym would bring me out in a sweat – I did not have the confidence to go along to a Gym and exercise, so I decided that a Personal Trainer could help. The first hour session was excellent it went so quick Suzi was very clear on explaining the exercise and not making me feel stupid when she had to repeat it to me more than once.
My first 10 sessions soon made me realise that consistent exercise and portion control of food soon provided results. This was not about losing weight it was a lifestyle change that I could sub stain and still be happy with my social life and most of all enjoying the Gym rather than dreading it and paying a membership which I would never use. Suzi prepared me well for joining the gym, providing support with recognising which Gym would best suit me – I would never of thought about some of the questions I asked when making various visits to gyms without her help.
I enjoyed the first sessions so much that I booked a further 10. Since the first session back in August I have lost – 3" off my waist, over 2" from my hips and an inch off my thighs which has meant more than a drop in dress size! In addition my sleep pattern and energy levels are excellent I never feel that I can’t make a workout.
I was one of those people who would rather have a doughnut and Coronation Street than Rice Cake and Kettle Bells – but it has really been a great experience with Suzi, she works hard every session to provide a varied workout and pushes you to a potential which you think was not possible.
Suzi – Thank you so much - I wish I had you in my Garage!! Hazel

Thanks to envy fitness I've started a new chapter in my life......after losing over five and half stone and maintaining it for two years I joined Suzi for an initial six week period. The goal was too tone up/gain muscle and I have thoroughly enjoyed being educated, guided, pushed and encouraged to met my goals and set new ones weekly in a thoroughly professional and friendly manner in a private gym setting. If anyone is thinking of taking private training then I wouldn't hesitate to recommend envy fitness, you won't be disappointed!!! Carlos xx

I just wanted to say ‘THANK YOU’ again for all the training you have given me over the last year and half.  I can’t believe how time flies!!  I started with you in October 2013 wanting to get more toned and fitter in general which you really helped me achieve.  I really saw the difference all over my body which is what I wanted but you really helped get my shoulders much more toned which I didn’t think I would ever do and would not have been able to do on my own!

You then really helped me get ready for a ski holiday helping to strengthen my weak knee.  It made such a difference to the ski holiday having a strong knee that held out on slopes without me having to worry or ending up in huge amount of pain as had previously happened.

You have now helped me train through my pregnancy right up to 39 weeks!!  I know I must have looked such a funny sight at times but I have enjoyed training with you all the more through this really special time for me J.  You have made sure I have been safe all the time but still pushed me to what you know I could still achieve which is what I really wanted.  Training through my pregnancy has been so important to me as it has:

·   Mentally been important and made me feel like ‘me’ still
·   Helped keep me fit and healthy so I feel really ready for giving birth
·   Helped me feel in a better place for getting my pre-pregnancy body back
·   REALLY helped my energy levels which has helped me feel really good throughout my pregnancy.  On the days when I have turned up feeling tiered I have always left the studio really energised and ready to go again
·   Kept me laughing, even when I look like the size of a whale stood next to you J.  We have had some good giggles as I have got bigger and bigger and bigger (not what you normally want for your clients)!

I am looking forward to getting back to our sessions when I have been ‘Ok’d’ to exercise again, have got a little bit of a routine and I have some trusted childcare J  You will have the next ‘Zoe’ challenge then!

During my pregnancy training you have also been undertaking your own challenge and trained so incredibly hard for competition.  You have been inspirational through your journey watching the dedication and preparation you have put into achieve your goals, it has made be proud and honoured to be one of your clients!  I am so pleased for you with the result you achieved in the competition.  You really do lead by example and have really wowed me! I will really miss our sessions and chats but as ‘Arnie’ says…’I’ll be back’! Love Zoe xxx (May 2015)

Aged 65, Barry came to me on 19 November with a goal of losing body fat and feeling fitter. Armed with an Envy nutrition plan and weekly training sessions, Barry also worked on his own away from these sessions, mainly cycling regularly, Barry worked hard towards his goal.

On 22 January Barry had dropped from 12st 11lb to 10st 12lb. Barry feels much healthier and fitter and I look forward to continuing working with him.

"Thank you so much Suzi for the eating plan you put me on in July of this year. After trying to lose weight for some considerable time it was wonderful to see the pounds dropping off. I have now lost 9 pounds and am feeling a lot better about myself. I can now get into all my clothes again and only need to lose another 5 pounds to reach my target, which should be no trouble. I cannot believe how much I eat in a day and still lose weight. I can now enjoy wearing my holiday clothes when I go cruising in November". Mrs C Robinson, Ipswich

"Thank you so much for the superb diet and training plan Suzi. Since following your advice I have lost 30lbs in 10 just months; I can't believe how much I can actually eat and STILL lose weight! I now look leaner, more toned and defined, I sleep better, have more energy and feel FANTASTIC! My overall health has greatly improved and I can't thank you enough for your continued support and encouragement. Only another 10lbs to go until I reach my target weight which will be easy to achieve following this plan" Mrs C. Luzny, Ipswich

"Thanks for the dietary advice, I feel better within myself and my lean muscle mass has increased giving me an overall confidence boost" Mr D Gledhill, Ipswich

Envy Fitness has totally tranformed my life.... from fitness to my diet regime.

I met Suzi just before Christmas at the local gym, being impressed with her physic and fitness. I decided to join Envy Fitness in February with an aim to try and lose half a stone, which i just couldnt seem to lose, I also wanted to tone myself up as well . After having a in-depth consultation with Suzi,which included weighing, measuring etc, my programme began!

I also had a nutrition plan done for me, which enabled me to "diet" although I was eating more than I have ever done before! The programme also built up my protein in-take, to help me build up muscle strength. After 3 months - I lost the half a stone i wanted to lose, was fitter and more toned - I had muscle and looked great!!!!!

Thank you Suzi, for making me believe in myself, and helping me feel and look more confident. Looking forward to carrying on my training with Envy Fitness! Vicki x

"The workouts at Envy Fitness are tough but I always walk out feeling amazing with the challenges I have achieved. Suzi is professional and great to work with; she is an excellent motivator. Every session is different and fun so that I actually look forward to my next session, something I would have never said before! Suzi is always supportive and pushes me to do better although it is all set at your pace and in your own time." Clare Potts, Ipswich

"I felt that every session was a fantastic experience. Each time I learnt something different and created more goals for myself. I have lost over 2 stone since working with envy fitness and I can take all the knowledge Suzi has given me to carry on with my goals. It was a pleasure and a good choice to pick Suzi and envy fitness! Thank you for everything :)" Lauren

"Suzi never fails to make her sessions fun and motivational! Her energy and enthusiasm is infectious, and since training with her I have improved in strength, form and stamina! Suzi was very aware of my personal fitness goals, and was able to create a workout that suited my ability, but also pushed me to improve. Suzi instantly made me feel at ease, and has introduced me to many new ways of keeping fit, her sessions are innovative and effective. I am loving the results and intend to continue training with her!" Faye

I first started my personal training sessions with Envy Fitness in January 2013, I was 96.3kg and my goal was to lose 2st in 4 months for a family wedding. The exercises and circuit training Suzi has supported me through have been amazing, the sessions were by no means easy but Suzi endeavoured to keep it as fun as possible, with no two sessions ever the same.

With her kind and positive attitude I felt my determination grow, and the weight start to shift. This was helped by combining nutrition advice with a plan which was carefully tailored by Envy fitness to reflect my weight loss and to stop those horrible weight plateau weeks!

I would have struggled to succeed as previous failed diets proved, had it not been for the support and encouragement from Envy Fitness knowing Suzi was on the end of a text or call when I felt the craving for chocolate surface! I am now 14.2kg lighter and feel great my whole outlook on diet and exercise has been changed with a better understanding on health and the right tools to continue my weight loss further setting new goals all the way. Julia Alexander

"At the age of 19 I weighed almost 14 stone. I was unfit, lacked confidence & self esteem. I managed to loose 3 & half stone through exercise & healthy eating. Ever since then I have exercised regularly in gyms & had different personal trainers over the last 20 years.

I went on a boot camp for 1week in November 2012. It was amazing & extremely hard work. To carry on & to make sure I didn't loose motivation I booked up for a block of PT sessions with Suzi (Envy Fitness). Suzi is very inspiring, has an amazing positive attitude & great as what she does. She motivates you physically as hard as she can to your ability or even better.... to exceed your limits! No PT session is ever the same & never boring. I always look extremely forward to my PT sessions with Suzi, they are fun, exciting & she knows how to push me to get the most out of my session. Your given lots of help & advise about nutrition & fitness or what ever your needs might be. Any questions you have Suzi is happy to help & give you her full support.

I now use what I have learnt from my PT sessions with Suzi in the gym on my own. I'm now able to mix up my daily workouts, make use of everything I have learnt & push myself really hard because I have extra knowledge & mentally I feel extremely focused in my training.

If your looking for a fabulous personal trainer what ever your individual needs are I would very highly recommend Envy Fitness. Suzi I've told you already but I will tell you again.....your fabulous! :-) xxxx" Andrea

"The first time Suzi and I met I was suffering from Asthma quite badly and was having trouble speaking, let alone do any exercise. I was worried that she would not want to take on the problem of training a man of 51 who could hardly climb the stairs to the gym. I was wrong, over the last 7 weeks, Suzi has put together some very challenging sessions whilst always motivating and more importantly encouraging me to achieve exercises and levels of fitness that I have not had since I was in my twenties!!! Every single session has been a worthwhile experience and I feel far more confident in myself and my ability to do exercise. Furthermore I can now breathe a lot better due to the careful planning that Suzi did in creating an exercise programme that worked for me. I always felt that she was training me, not just doing the same old routines that she did with all her other clients and the most important thing was it was FUN!!!!" Pete Taylor

"I sought help from Suzi after being advised by a specialist that I needed to strengthen by core and back to prevent further problems being caused by heavy lifting at work. Suzi tailored our sessions to my needs and within a couple of sessions the improvement to by strength and flexibility where greatly improved. The clear and precise instructions have made it very easy for me to carry on with the training on my own, and has completely changed how I go about lifting and moving items at work." Mark Chandler

"Hi my is Michele I first started training with Suzi 10 weeks ago, when I started my weight was 10 stone 11 pounds and now it's 9 stone 10 pounds . Suzi tailored me a personalised diet plan and personal training session. She is a great motivator and a fabulous trainer. I have lost 4 inches from my waist and 2 inches from my thighs and arms,her pt session are always different and very effective,, training with Suzi is the best thing I have done for myself in years, train with her and you will get the results that you want ." Michele Parker

"Thank you Suzi! I owe a lot to you. You kick-started my transformation and made me believe I could actually do it. I was stuck in a rut of half-hearted workouts. You're amazing, motivating and inspiring! Would recommend you to anyone. If you want to be pushed to your limits whilst keeping a smile on your face then train with suzi! " Amie-Lea Sleap - October 2013

And this is why I see this lady every Wednesday and stick to the diet I do. Really pleased with progress over the last few months. Anyone wanting a personal trainer who is always enthusiastic, gives you variety in your sessions and pushes you to your limit every time Suzi Souster is the one! Looking forward to see the next stage of progression!

Kate Keeble


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